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December 2023
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In this episode Doctor Geek and Mister Flask design their city of tomorrow.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Moss deals with her promotion to Director of Testing.

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Doctor Geek and Mister Flask get a little spark of imagination from interviewing George Wilkins, composer extraordinaire of much of the music at Epcot Center. 

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Who can help solve the cliffhanger? Stay tuned to find out!

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Doctor Geek and friends pay tribute to Professor Hawking by interviewing their robot replica of the great scientist; asking him the questions they wish they could have asked Hawking.

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Did you know a Telsa Roadster was launched into space? Yes, that happened!

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Doctor Geek saves both the planet Earth and The Planet of the Bunnies, but his solution causes Deus-X to reboot to a time before she knew right from wrong. 

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Science communicator extraordinaire, Mika Mckinnon, joins us as we celebrate the contributions Mister Creature made at Doctor Geek's Laboratory.

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With all the focus on time loops could Doctor Geek forget Star Trek's Anniversary?

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Thanks to one too many trips through the time loop, Claire gets everyone on track to help Agent Zed.  But, what can happen when your dreams come true?

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As if a time loop wasn't enough, Doctor Geek has to explain it to Claire. 

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When last we heard from Doctor Geek and friends, they had just used the MacGuffin to put right what once went wrong.  It turns out using such a powerful time and space bending device comes with a price.

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Professor Pedantic attempts to bend the laboratory to his will.  Can Doctor Geek regain command before all is lost?

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Professor Pedantic manages to start our first investigation into bionics with today's interview with Mike Hogan.  Meanwhile, Doctor Geek learns the universe depends on him retaking the laboratory.  

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The lab staff repurposes The Swarm technology to heal Phil. But, has recent events caused the grant committee to lose faith in Doctor Geek? 

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Episode 12 (S2E6) - The Swarm

Doctor Geek and staff return to Universe Prime just in time to conclude the investigation into 3D printers, but will the evil Director Geek's Swarm bring about the Day of the Machines?

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Episode 11 (S2E5) - Through the Looking Glass

The investigation into the future of the 3D printer continues with hacker, maker, and geek extraordinaire Josh Pritt. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, Doctor Geek must find his way home before his evil counterpart unleashes a replicating menace.

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Episode 10 (S2E4) - 3D Printer Investigation Begins

How long will it take for the 3D printers of today to become the replicators of tomorrow? The investigation is threatened by an unreliable narrator wreaking havoc with reality.

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Episode 9 Prime – The Science of Santa

Can Doctor Geek and his staff explain the science behind Santa Claus before Claire's strike team reaches the North Pole?

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Episode 9 (S2E3) – Karaoke Contest and the Rise of the Machines

The investigation into Our Companion the Robot concludes. Robot helicopters are here, can Skynet be far behind? Meanwhile Dr. Geek must face Professor Pedantic in a battle of the labs. Little do they know the future is at stake.

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Episode 8 (S2E2) - Cyberworld

Meet Albin Johnson, founder of the 501st Legion and owner of R2KT. Meanwhile, Mr. Creature explores the future for robots at that most wretched hive of scum and villainy, The Cobalt Parrots Cantina.

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Episode 7 (S2E1) - Our Companion the Robot Investigation Begins

Will robots ever become third in command of a starship? Or will they snap and become our robot overlords?

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Episode 6 Prime - Dr. Geek Live!

Join the Lab Staff at TimeGate 2013 where they explain the science behind the fictional world of Stargate.

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Episode 6 - Remuteration!

Will the Lab Staff reverse the mind swap? Can Mr. Flask perfect the Skills Booster before Claire arrives? What is Google's connection to the privatization of space? All these questions will be answered in the exciting season one finale.

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Episode 5 - Space Adventures

The lab staff meets Tom Shelley of Space Adventures. We learn about space tourism and what it would take to go to the moon and beyond. Meanwhile, Mr. Creature boldly goes where no test subject has gone before!

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Episode 4 Double Prime - Exploring the World of Geekcraft

In this episode Doctor Geek's announcement regarding the lab's summer convention schedule is interrupted by Mr. Creature who has just been given the power to duplicate himself. While Doctor Geek sorts out the chaos, sit back and enjoy the interview with the creators of Broken Crown Games. Their upcoming game, Escaping Titan, uses real science to support the fictional world created by The Broken Crown Event.

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Episode 4 Prime - Exploring the World of Geekcraft

In this episode Doctor Geek puts the finishing touches on his new Sonic Special Experimental Robotic Variable Dimension Omnitool or Sonic S.E.R.V.D.O. (the "D" is silent). To celebrate this latest exercise of applied geekdom, the lab staff listens to the interview with Rita and Jason De La Torre, the hosts of the Transmissions from Atlantis podcast. Sit back and enjoy the discussion as we learn how they apply their geekdom by cosplaying, larping, and building props such as a full size TARDIS exterior or an Atlantis themed home theater.

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Episode 4 - Privatization of Space Investigation Begins

Will it be possible to book a flight to the moon in our lifetimes? Does Mr. Creature have the RIGHT STUFF to be an astronaut? Why is Mr. Flask hunting rabbits? All these questions and more will be answered in this exciting episode.

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Episode 3 - Everything Transitions

Join the lab staff as they investigate the Transition, the world's first street legal aircraft, while Mr. Creature is interrupted by his own mental transitions.

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Episode 2 - Elevators, Oracles, and Skycars, Oh My!

In addition to our interview with Dr. Moller, of Moller International, maker of the Skycar, this episode has everything.  It has tests and challenges!  Devices of such lethal cunning!  Don't worry.  it will all make sense...eventually.

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Dr. Geek Live! Episode One Prime - How Soon is Now?

Listen to the Dragon*Con panel talking about the future and Dr. Geek's Laboratory with Dr. Geek and Mr. Creature.

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Episode One - Flying Cars Investigation Begins

The First Episode of Doctor Geek's Laboratory.  We start our investigation into the flying car.  

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